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News Story
News Story

Wednesday June 17th, 2015 - Barrie and Buttertarts

The Ship’s Company completed two very successful Special Events recently. On Saturday June 6 H.M.S. Lynx and crew were at the Celebrate Barrie event on the Barrie waterfront. Hundreds of people viewed Lynx up close and we had a great display for the public during the day. On Thursday, June 11, we also sailed H.M.S. Badger over to Midland and docked her in preparation for the Midland Buttertart Festival which occurred on Saturday June 13. After munching on buttertarts (!), those public that made the trek to the Town Dock from the main event on the street really enjoyed seeing Badger, her crew, and our artifact display. Mayor McKay also dropped by and thanked us for being part of the event and for visiting Midland harbour.

Special thanks to Francis, Don, Mike, Michael, Keith, Paul, Mark, Birdie, Bob, and Rob for working one, or in many cases, both of these events. Your support is very much appreciated. Also special thanks to Mark for crew coordination for both events, and for Captain-ing Badger for the Midland event. Also special thanks to Bob for trailering Lynx to Barrie and back for the Barrie event, and to Micheal, Birdie, and Don for providing car shuttles back and forth to Midland Town Dock.

Great job everyone – well done!