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News Story
News Story

Tuesday August 8th, 2017 - Pirates on the Bay

Mr Brodeur teaching some knots Capt Simpson at the helm on this windy day.

This past Saturday Badger sailed over to Discovery Harbour for their "Pirates of the Bay" event. The forecast was bleak, calling for high winds and rain. The rain stopped in the morning but the high winds persisted. Never the less, the public came out in droves to attend the event and see the vessels. We had 2 skirmishes throughout the day. Due to the winds, we were only able to set a double reefed main. What we lacked in sail, we made up for with firepower! Gun Captain Forget with the assistance of Gunner Roper had a guns blazing to fend of the pirates. Between skirmishes, we had a display set up on the wharf and taught many attendees a new knot or two. Thanks to all those that suffer through the weather to attend this event you made it a great success. We also got some media coverage for this event! Be sure to click the link to hear all about Pirates of the Bay at CTV

Hiding from the wind as HMS Bee and HMS Badger sith dockside waiting for the next skirmish.