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HMS Kingfisher
HMS Kingfisher

In 2016, HMS Kingfisher was sold. Since Lynx has hit the water, Kingfisher has seen very little use. It was decided that we would put her up on the market and see if we could find her a loving home, and we did! A small group out of Kingston has purchased her and is excited to get her out on the water.   They have renamed her Defiant.  We're sorry to see her go but are glad she's getting back out on the water!  We are still proud of the old girl, so we have left this page on the website so others may see what we can do with an old derelict hull.  Long live Defiant!



HMS Kingfisher was launched on Canada Day 2008. At 17', the Kingfisher is ketch rigged with 3 tanbark sails including a mizzen, and is representative of a British ship-to-shore vessel used to transfer crews and supplies. The Kingfisher's rig is distinct from Badger and Revenge, which will round our fleet nicely and certainly be an impressive addition in any sail past.

HMS Kingfisher Sailing


RIG: Ketch rigged with a jib, dipping lugsail on the mainmast and a spritsail on the mizzen.
HULL: Steel with wooden cladding above the waterline and wooden interior. wooden leeboard, 4 oars and 1 cannon. Retractable bowsprit and jibboom.


HMS Kingfisher  HMS Kingfisher

In response to requests to attend more events further afield, we decided to build a vessel easily trailered and rigged, yet still impressive. We acquired a 14 ft. lifeboat hull built in 1945, stripped it down and built a rig not usually seen in the last 100 years. A samson post supports a 1 1/2 pound swivel gun as well as the butt of the retracting bowsprit. The mainmast is just aft of a small forecastle. The mizzen is just forward of the rudder post so that an offset tiller with an extension is required. A boomkin supports the spritsail sheet and can retract for easy docking and trailering. A leeboard clamps on one side and can be transferred easily when on another tack.

Kingfisher - under work
It takes vision to see a new life in this 60 year old lifeboat hull built at the Cleveland yard Frank Clarke and Sons.


Kingfisher - under work
The hull stripped and painted, new ash gunnels, and now a small fore deck.