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News Story

Friday January 16th, 2015 - Filming opportunity for The Ship's Company

A fun and interesting project is coming up for the Ship's Company. CBC in tandem with a two other independent film companies (Ontario and the UK) is shooting a documentary on the famous final Franklin Polar expedition and the recent discovery of one of Franklin’s ships in the arctic. To that end, we will see them use H.M.S. Revenge in a shot showing Franklin’s men hauling the little boat across the ice on a home-built sledge, re-creating this action from the ill-fated Franklin voyage. Members met with the film crew and briefed them on proper and careful handling of the boat, and the film crew also took measurements of her so they can custom-build the sledge. The film shoot is scheduled to take place at the end of January at Balm Beach, and the documentary is scheduled to air this Spring. So watch out for our own H.M.S. Revenge, soon to be in the TV limelight! Related Article. View Episode.

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