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News Story

Thursday February 5th, 2015 - Ship's Company Vessel used in Franklin documentary

Franklen Expidition

It may be snowing and cold outside, but it was just the ticket for a film shoot done by a Toronto and UK production team in putting together a documentary on the ill-fated final arctic expedition of Sir John Franklin. To help with the shoot, we were approached in early January to see if we could provide a small vessel for the dramatic scene of Franklin's men towing their lifeboats from their ice-trapped ships, in an effort to head south and survive. Our 14' skiff, H.M.S. Revenge, fit the bill nicely. The production crew was thrilled with her appearance and authenticity, and actually built a custom sledge to tow her on. The film shoot took place at wintery Balm Beach from January 29-31 and the shots looked amazing with snow dunes in behind and the vastness of Georgian Bay, posing as an "Arctic" backdrop. Our skiff has now been safely returned to the Boatshop and the documentary will be going into final production this winter. Entitled "Franklin's Lost Ship", it is scheduled to air on April 9 on the Nature of Things on CBC Television, so mark your calendar and see our little skiff "starring" in the historic arctic scene! Related Article. article. View Episode.

Franklen Expidition Franklen Expidition Franklen Expidition Franklen Expidition Franklen Expidition